Shutoff Valve with Automatic Retrieval Function

VR-25 VR-40 VR-50
Compatible Controller KM-673
Connections Rc1 × Rc1
(Female screwed)
(Female screwed)
Rc2 × Rc2
(Female screwed)
Pressure loss
Flow Rate Air 0.03kPa 4.0m 3/h 10.0m 3/h 13.0m 3/h
0.10kPa 8.5m 3/h 22.0m 3/h 29.0m 3/h
LPG 0.03kPa 6.1kg / h 15.2kg / h 19.8kg / h
0.10kPa 12.9kg / h 33.4kg / h 44.1kg / h
LNG 0.03kPa 4.9m 3/h 12.3m 3/h 16.0m 3/h
Face to face Dimension 90mm 128mm 210mm
Max. Working Pressure 3.5kPa
Working Temperature – 25 – 70 ℃
Body Aluminum alloy die casting Ductile cast iron
(Spheroidal graphite cast iron)
Input (Shutoff) Signal 12V±2V (4700 μF) One-shot pulse
valve return voltage 45V±2V (6600 μF) One-shot pulse
Automatic Reset Pressure After Shutoff 1.4 – 1.9kPa
Low-Pressure Shutoff Pressure 1.4 – 1.9kPa
Voltage Resistance Normal operation (AC1,000V 1 min.)
Insulation Resistance 10MΩ or more (DC500V)

Drawings CAD Performance curve Maunal Product picture
VR-25 Air LPG
VR-40 Air LPG
VR-50 Air LPG