Management Philosophy

Our Management Concept

rinen  Since the company formation in 1951, we KATSURA has been contributing to society with our various gas related products, such as household gas supplying equipment, safety equipment and industrial combustion equipment, based on the gas energy utilization technology under the consistent management concept of “We respect individual and accomplish mutual happiness.”, “We offer the world’s best service mind-set.” and “We always offer the best way to all the tasks and seek improvements.” Resolution of global environmental problems is one of the main issues for mankind right now. We take these problems seriously and challenge for developing advanced products, technologies and services, which enable the decrease of global warming and global environment conservation, and contribute to the advancement of science and technology and the betterment of life for mankind.

Management strategy

senryaku Energy is a gift from the earth. We need a technology and a spirit to use it in eco-friendly and useful ways. We have an experience more than 60 years in the field of gas related basic research, applied technology and energy use technology. Additionally we have been contributing to comfortable environment with not only a technology but also a total approach for design, development, production and supply of parts, completed products and system. We will pursue a possibility of the eco-friendly energy use by the all-out mobilization of our experience, brains and equipment.

▲ Kanagawa Factory / Gas combustion engineering laboratory


▲ Yamanashi Factory

Our welfare program A mental and a physical relaxation are vital to exert our potential to the full extent. To support our partners’ productive life style, we have a five-day work week system and have about 120 days off a year. Our partners can use contracted recreation facilities with preferential price and can join in-company group activities and various events including a friendship group “Keiyukai” trip.

Our educational and training programs Starting from business basis training, we have many gradual education and training programs depending on each partner’s career and willingness. We have various technical training courses for tech persons. Our free and open company style sets best educational environment before partners.
Gas combustion technology / Gaseous fuel control technology Since the company formation, KATSURA has been a front runner in the field of gas combustion technology and gaseous fuel control technology. Our research and development have been conductive to more efficient burning, energy saving technology and more advanced control systems. KATSURA has been working positively to resolve the warring issues of “eco- friendliness” and “user-friendliness”. In the result, we have striking progresses in the low-pollution business for the reduction/elimination of toxics, offensive odors, SOx and NOx.

Research and development system / New business plan KATSURA takes particular note of technical innovation to better the application of a clean energy and has been making positive efforts to invest in research and development. In 1994, we established Gas combustion engineering laboratory on the property of our Kanagawa factory and we prepared fully equipped development environment. A main pillar of our research and development is a technology exchange with external universities and research institutes. We have been supporting their researches and commercialization of products with the latest findings. We have had a technical tie-up, technical guidance, and licensing with foreign companies and institutes.
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