Far-Infrared Burners
Far-Infrared Burner (BT-33NH) Standard Type: (Gas Fired) Type A


Far-Infrared Burner (BT-33NH) Standard Type: (Gas Fired) Type B


High efficiency (quick temperature rising of workpiece) and energy saving.
Ideal for drying low VOC treatment (color-wash and powder, etc.)
A gas-type environmentally-friendly burner with less NOx emissions


Far-Infrared Burners(BT-33NH)Dimensions
A B Dimensions
Range at B
Type A 565 2,500 2,000 – 3,000 886 230
Type B 565 5,500 3,000 – 5,500 418 230

Custom dimensions available. Contact us for details.


Far-Infrared Burner (BT-33NH) Specifications
Fuel 13A LPG Workpiece Heating Temperature 60℃ – 250℃
Supply Pressure(kPa) 2 2.8 Temperature Control ON-OFF control
Weight for Standard Dimensions (kg) A type: 130
B type: 140
Flame Detection Flame rod
Combustion Capacity kW(kcal/h) 33 (28,380) Power Supply AC100V 50Hz / 60Hz
Gas Inlet Connection Rc 1/2 Materials of Radiant Tube α-Processed steel pipes
Temperature Rise of The Work is Early
To achieve even as for the drying of low VOC paint energy-saving and space-saving.
Garbage is hard to attach
Far Infrared Burner is effective in prevention of nicotine adhesion.
It is before BTH burner use. It is after BTH burner use.
(Two years progress.)