Aluminum & Zinc Melting and Holding Furnaces

EM type
High-precision temperature-regulation
High quality molten metal can be obtained by controlled proportional burner.
Can be used for both melting and holding
Large melting capacity can be enable for both melting and holding use.
Energy saving
Lightweight and compact energy-saving body, made from ceramic fibers.
Excellent thermal efficiency can be obtained by high-performance exhaust heat recovery system provides preheated to 350℃ maximum combustion air. Long service life due to uniform heating of the crucible. No heat loss due to excess air since proportional control of combustion air and gas.
Safety design
Safety monitoring combustion by flame rod. Shut-off the gas in the case of ignition failure, ensure high level of safety. Alert crucible leakage by damage by detector circuit and stop the burner at the same time.
Work environment improving
No soot and sulfurous acid gas, improving work environment.
Aluminum and Zinc melting and holding
Specifications (for aluminum)
Model No. EM-150 EM-300 EM-500
Melting Capacity 55 L 110 L 160 L
Gas Combustion Capacity kW(kcal/h) 116 (100,000) 144 (124,000) 169 (145,000)
Fuel LPG · 13 A
Power Supply 3-phase 200 V・50/60 Hz
Safety Device Flame rods
Weight 1,300 kg 1,400 kg 1,600 kg