Far-Infrared Heater
Quick start
Gas combustion in a far-infrared emission tube
The radiant energy is converted into heat when absorbed by objects in its path.
No floor space required due to overhead installation
Zone heating
Heating for a limited areas available
Clean heating
Flame No dust fly-up
The key words are “High / Large / Opened”
· For a frigid space, such as high roof building, large space, and well-ventilated opened space

Type BT-22N BT-33N BT-22N-G
Consumption LPG 1.57 kg/h 2.36 kg/h 1.4 kg/h
Consumption LNG (13A type) 1.76 m3/h 2.64 m3/h 1.6 m3/h
Combustion Capacity kW (kcal/h) 22 (18,920) 33 (28,380) 20 (17,200)
Supply Pressure LPG: 2.8 kPa,  LNG: 2 kPa
Connections 15A(PT1/2)
Power Supply / Electricity AC 100V 50/60 Hz ・ 0.1 kW

Katsura’s Far-infrared heater “HOKADAN-KUN” is suitable for the following places. The key words are “High / Large / Opened”
In building with ceiling height 3.5m and more, the traditional convection type (hot air) heater almost has no effect.
Can be used to heat all the space or a part of a large space.
Can deliver the power even in open space without wall or air curtain.

For Heating in The Factory    
Can heat only area where there are people without dust.
Because it is gas type, starting up is fast and the warming effect can be felt immediately after starting.
There is no waste in warming up the air therefore the running cost is reasonable.
For factories with high ceiling, HOKADAN-KUN is the far-infrared heater that is the most efficient system.

For Heating in The Gymnasium    
Because of the far-infrared ray the tender warmth can be felt from the ground up.
No blowing of hot air therefore it will not have any unwanted effect on badminton or table tennis. Also, there is a optional tube cover available, it is safe for any ball sports.
Exercise space and audience seats can be heated at the same time.

For Automobile Maintenance Workshop    
Because of the far-infrared ray, air shutter can be left opened, the semi-open air space also can be heated.
Because it is ceiling type or wall-hanging type, it will not take up any floor space and obstruct vehicles path or maintenance work.
It can heat maintenance workshop for tall roof truck or large vehicle.

For Golf Driving Range    
Even for the open space, the strong HOKADAN-KUN can keep it warm.
There is a case that the customer increased by 20% during the winter when compared with other golf driving range.
With the black ball sensor, the comfortable temperature ON-OFF is automatically controlled.