Dedicated Meters for Switch type Leak Detectors



Ultrasonic Wave Type
Connection Dimension Face to Face Dimension:130mm
Main body connection screw:M36×2
Air Tightness 10.0kPa
Working Pressure 3.50kPa or less
Alarm Function Leakage Detection by Micro Flow When do not use
the Gas of one minute.※2※2
When do not use
the Gas of one hour.
Abnormal Lock-up Pressure If the lock-up pressure of the flow detection type differential pressure regulator exceeds 3.5kPa/more than 15 times
Abnormal Setting Pressure If the setting pressure of the flow detection type differential pressure regulator occurs out of the range (2.3 to 3.3kPa) more than 15 times
Low Battery Voltage If the battery voltage drops to less than the predetermined value when checking
Setting Detail Extensions 1 Setting of the sum or increased of the shut-off flow rate
Extensions 2 Disabling the shut-off function during operation
Stop Monitoring Pressure Leakage Disabling the alarm function of small pressure leakage
Notification Pattern of 2 Linked External Devices※3 Different pressure regulator, oyako type’s transmission function setting (Please set the system to pattern E)
Alarm Display Method LCD screen + Red LED flashing
Communication Method※4 Common Form Telegraphic
Dimensions H148×W173×D108mm H236×W168×D137.5mm
Weight 2kg 2kg
Base Price 60,000yen 52,800yen
※1 “P” in the model name means “I-type leakage detector”.
※2 EY25MTP-YL can set the number of small leakage flow detection within 1-30days. To change the setting, please change the number of day at the central monitoring system or a the setting device.
※3 Notification pattern of 2 linked external devices is only available for SY25MTP-YL.
※4 The communication will be “security data” similar to S-Type safety gas meter.
Basic Functions Note 1: Communicated as “security data” as well as the S type security meter.
Position on the law of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Act of the leak detector (I) type leak detection equipment.
The leak detector (I) type monitors the presence or absence of flow of gas the time when gas use stops (ie. late at night), and detects leakage of the supply piping. In addition, the built-in pressure sensor detects setting pressure and abnormal lock-up pressure.
1) Can be used as an alternative measures for inspecting supply piping leakage. (Ministry ordinance supplement standard section 29)
2) As complementary equipment of security ensure equipment obliged to authorized sales companies, in addition to the micro-leakage detection function, equipped with setting pressure and abnormal lock-up pressure detection functions. (Section 2, article 1 notice to determine the details of such as installation of security ensure equipment involved in licensing LP gas sales companies)

Standard Packing Parts of HL Systems (Switch Type Leak Detection System)

1 Leak detector (I) type (Special Meter for Leak Detection) 1
2 Metal flexible hose 400L R1/2 x R1/2(male screw) 1
3 Drainage set 1
4 Screwed Gas Cock with Inspection Hole Rc1/2(female screw) 2
5 Meter Mounting Bracket 2
6 Sub-Outlet Joint (Brass) 1


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