Batch Type Direct-Firing Hot-Air Ovens
01 Quick start and less CO2 emission.
02 Optimal drying method available for various paints, such as solvent, color-wash, powder, etc
02 Coupling with small deodorizer (2m3/min) available
02 Optimal air circulation minimizes temperature unevenness
02 Design of any dimensions available according to customer’s request
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Both continuous type and batch type furnace are design and made to order for customer requirements.
Example-1 Continuous painting and drying furnace
for building materials boards
Example-2 Paint booth・setting room・batch type
hot air ovens
Example-3 Batch type hot air ovens for plastic parts
1-01 1-02
Example-4 Batch type hot air ovens for plastic parts
2-01 2-02
Example-5 Batch type hot air ovens for steel parts
3-01 3-02