Gas Direct-Firing Small Deodorizer
paneru_ari syousai


・ Deodorizing and VOC treatment


01 High deodorizing efficiency(95% or more)
02 Space saving due to all-in-one unit design including odor fan
03 Energy saving due to exhaust heat recovery
04 Treatments for a wide range of odors and VOC, including ash dust, tar, and mist
05 Wide application for the small business, such as coating, adhesive joining, printing,chemistries, rubbers, foods Best solution for the batch furnace of small coating industry


Treatment Volume 2 Nm3/min.(Max. 200 ℃) Dimensions (mm) L1050 x W650 x H1425
Fuel LNG(13A type) LPG Weight About 350 kg
Inlet Pressure 2 – 5 kPa 2.8 – 5 kPa Odor Fan AC 200 V 150 W, Heat proof 260 ℃(Max.)
Combustion Capacity 47 kW(40,000 kcal/h) Control Panel Integral touch panel
Power Supply AC 200V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz/60 Hz Control Proportional control with an inverter
Treatment Temperature 750 ℃ ​​(MAX) Safety Device Gas/Air pressure limit switch, gas shutoff valve, and flame detector

Note:Other than this specific equipment, large deodorizer or VOC treating equipment can be produced in the specifications of customer requirements.

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