Organization based on Holdings

【Management policy of KL&SH Holdings】
KL&SH Holdings (here in after KL&SH) controls corporate activities of whole KATSURA Group with management function and supplementary service. And it realizes performance improvement and growth development by “Improvement, Vision and Growth”.
KL&SH gathers the know-how of KATSURA Group, plan group management storategy, suppport, execute, manage and promote new business and new commodity development strongly. Through above-mentioned business contents, KL&SH makes expansion of business area and revenue.

【Business purpose of KL&SH Holdings】
(1)Maximize the corporate value of the entire group, aggressive group composition is made by separating
      supervision and execution.
(2)Reduce of management costs and improve management accuracy.
(3)Develop human resources who is the key-man for group management through the business-centered and
      specialized strategy field.