daihyou_01 We KATSURA and KATSURA group sincerely appreciate your continuous support and patronage.

Since being founded in Tokyo in 1951, our founder’s philosophy has been “Contribute to the development of human society while pursuing all partner’s happiness materially and spiritually”. Our company has been continuously supplying various gas equipment and systems to provide gas safety, save energy and reduce CO2.

Over the years, KATSURA group has been developing and providing important supply and safety devices for gas energy, and combustion equipment for industrial, commercial and agricultural/marine use, as well as related software.

Our greatest advantage is the experience and technology that offers various solutions for “Gas safety and Environment”. Based on the philosophy “Contribute society with global environmental friendly products, technology and services”, all employees of KATSUAR group will continuously challenge to create new solutions and innovation towards gas energy value increase and effective use under the slogan “GAS Value Innovation”, and contribute widely to our customers and society.


President Hitoshi Marumo